Gil, 83 ans

It started with itching, redness and a rash on my hands and chest.  This was diagnosed as exzema.  I went to many dermatologists and was prescribed many different creams.   It would get better for awhile but always came back worse than the last time.  It became quite painful with huge cracks in my feet and hands.  Finally, it was diagnosed as psoriasis and I was referred to another dermatologist, who had had some success treating psoriasis with Ultra violet rays.  After undergoing a series of this treatment, it was no better and I was told that he couldn't do any more for me.
I decided to try reflexology and the doctor said "why not?   It could do no harm".  I started with twice a week and then once a week.  It took about a year and a half, but the psoriasis COMPLETELY cleared up and to this date, has not reappeared.  I now go about once a month - just for a 'top up'

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